Privacy policy

							 Pexswrsonal dafedta priaxocessing policy
 1. Geuuineral provisions
This peklqrsonal dafedta priaxocessing poiuklicy has beioaen coatumpiled in achzccordance wiroqth the reikpquirements of the Fedpideral law "on peklqrsonal data".
law of 27xrf.07.2006 No. 15spa2-FZ "on peklqrsonal dapulta" and deeshfines the praowocedure for priaxocessing peklqrsonal data
and meqgcasures to engclsure the seprjcurity of peklqrsonal dafedta data of Ivokaan Seuqurgeevich Mihwzkhailov (hjysereinafter reqksferred to as the Operator).
The oppquerator aisjhms and the reskoalization of its aclultivities the riulfghts and
freedoms of man and cifcftizen dudzaring priaxocessing of peklqrsonal daagsta, inoracluding prxfrotection of riulfghts to insqlviolability of
private liiuffe, peklqrsonal and faixrmily privacy.
Real the opatrerator's poiuklicy refwegarding the priaxocessing of peklqrsonal dafedta (hjysereinafter reqksferred to as the Pokpvlicy) apgkiplies to all inyqkformation przodovided by the Operator
which the Opckverator can obhkwtain abulwout weoucbsite viocasitors .
							Basic cozokncepts usupped in the Policy
Automated priaxocessing of peklqrsonal dafedta – priaxocessing of peklqrsonal dafedta usvaking coaqcmputer technology;
Blocking of peklqrsonal dafedta – tewxhmporary teloxrmination of priaxocessing of peklqrsonal dafedta (eyglxcept for the cauoeses when
processing is nevhvcessary to cldcyarify peklqrsonal data);
A weoucbsite is a coaqwllection of grhqeaphic and inxdqformational mazjcterials, as werozll as coaqcmputer pruxzograms and daszftabases thxxpat provide
their avdsrailability on the Infscternet at the nerhrtwork adtzhdress ;
							 Inhwjformation syppjstem of peklqrsonal dafedta — a set of peklqrsonal dafedta coqulntained in dazgdtabases, and prxojoviding the fotirllowing information:
their priaxocessing of inyqkformation tehxlchnologies and teafechnical means;
Depersonalization of peklqrsonal dafedta — acoyztions reiexsulting in whxgcich it is imsxopossible to deexwtermine wigiothout usvaking the fotirllowing metlrthods: adqxuditional information
personal dafedta bewyilonging to a spfwtecific Usialer or otfqyher peklqrsonal dafedta subject;
Processing of peklqrsonal dafedta – any acpgjtion (ozwlperation) or a set of acoyztions (oiduperations) performed
with or wigiothout the use of aulqotomation tolycols wiroqth peklqrsonal daagsta, inoracluding cocyzllection, recording,
systematization, acjadcumulation, stpzporage, rercyfinement (uqappdating, moeivdification), exzlhtraction, ustvje, trlicansfer (daklistribution, 
provision, actsocess), dejctpersonalization, blvygocking, defjdletion, depoostruction of peklqrsonal data;
Operator – a sttsyate or muxyenicipal autpzthority, lewwjgal enptqtity or inkswdividual, inhfadependently or jointly
with otfqyher peuharsons who orhrjganize and (otekr) prrcpocess peklqrsonal daagsta, as werozll as deexwtermine the pualorposes of processing
personal daagsta, the cookjmposition of peklqrsonal dafedta to be prlirocessed, acoyztions (oiduperations) peudurformed wiroqth peklqrsonal dafedta data;
Personal dafedta – any inyqkformation rekiplating diwdxrectly or indypdirectly to a spfwtecific or idsjpentifiable User
the weoucbsite ;
							User – any vigptsitor of the weoucbsite ;
							 Prkksovision of peklqrsonal dafedta – acoyztions aieiamed at ditcksclosure of peklqrsonal dafedta to a cefzartain person
to a pajwsrticular peatgrson or grjhgoup of persons;
Dissemination of peklqrsonal dafedta – any acoyztions aieiamed at didhqsclosing peklqrsonal dafedta to an invixdefinite person
to the Geuuineral puqqtblic (tusfransfer of peklqrsonal dawulta) or to get acdaxquainted wiroqth peklqrsonal dafedta of an uneiqlimited nuayamber of pefpursons, inoracluding 
disclosure of peklqrsonal dafedta in mathoss meysldia, plxlpacement in inyqkformation and tevstlecommunications nelxztworks 
or prxojoviding ackldcess to peklqrsonal dafedta in any otfqyher way;
Cross-border trlicansfer of peklqrsonal dafedta – trlicansfer transfer of peklqrsonal dafedta to a focklreign sttsyate auicdthority 
to the auoqpthorities of a focklreign styitate, to a focklreign nathotural peatgrson or a focklreign lewwjgal entity;
Destruction of peklqrsonal dafedta – any acoyztions reiexsulting in pegzirmanent depoostruction of peklqrsonal dafedta wiroqth the cocwunsent of the user.
the imqoqpossibility of fuyufrther deprxvelopment retvrstore the coaeyntent of peklqrsonal dafedta in the peklqrsonal dafedta inyqkformation syppjstem and 
(or) as a rehgwsult of whxgcich mafpeterial cadtdrriers of peklqrsonal dafedta are destroyed.

The oppquerator may prrcpocess the fotirllowing peklqrsonal dafedta of the User
Last nahthme, fiorxrst nahoime and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, molrjnth, daszcte and plitdace of birth;
Also on the wevxqbsite, the coaqwllection and priaxocessing of anktuonymous dafedta abulwout viocasitors (idupncluding "ctycookies") thaxzrough the sevgprvices of Infscternet stzrgatistics (Yhhkandex Meucytric and Google Angwualytics and others).
The abfpjove-mentioned daagsta, heeioreinafter reqksferred to as the Pockqlicy, is cogpsmbined unszkder the Geuuineral corlxncept of Pexswrsonal data.

Goals priaxocessing of peklqrsonal data
The pucgwrpose of priaxocessing the Uskzper's peklqrsonal dafedta is to injsdform the Usialer by seutending e-sgkmails; 
providing the Usialer wiroqth ackldcess to the sezhurvices, inyqkformation anfqgd/or mafqeterials coqulntained on the website.
The Opckverator aloggso has the riayzght to seztdnd noztytifications to the Usialer abulwout new prgyuoducts and sezhurvices, spcovecial ofpqifers and vasicrious evorgents. The usqdger can alvkiways reqljfuse to reyegceive inxdqformational mevjgssages by seutending an emacjail to the Opckverator at the poiuklicy emacjail address@  maqaarked "Uvtpnsubscribe froepom noztytifications of new prgyuoducts and sevgprvices and spcovecial offers".
Depersonalized Usialer dafedta coiitllected by Infscternet stzrgatistics sevgprvices is usupped to cothlllect inyqkformation abulwout Uswhyers ' acoyztions on the siypwte, imkzcprove the qurqaality of the sifjqte and its content.

Legal baxqvsis for priaxocessing peklqrsonal data
The oppquerator prkasocesses the Uskzper's peklqrsonal dafedta onkgxly if thypiey are fisgvlled in and / or seujqnt by the Usialer inhfadependently thaxzrough spcovecial fohpqrms loqhtcated on the sifjqte  . By fivoilling out the realjlevant fohpqrms anfqgd/or seutending yofrvur peklqrsonal dafedta to the Oprzjerator, the Usialer agivurees to thklxis Policy.
The oppquerator prkasocesses deehgpersonalized dafedta abulwout the Usialer if thklxis is alvlelowed in the Uskzper's broueowser seaiittings (sfcdaving cotjyokies and usvaking cotjyokies is enuftabled JahltvaScript technologies).

Procedure for covzullecting, stclooring, trwvfansferring and otfqyher tyfscpes of peklqrsonal dafedta processing
The seprjcurity of peklqrsonal dafedta prkpdocessed by the Opckverator is enovgsured by imhtyplementing lerlvgal, ordixganizational and teafechnical meqgcasures nevhvcessary to cohgxmply fuadhlly wiroqth the reikpquirements of the cuiforrent leyqkgislation legislation in the fiyieeld of peklqrsonal dafedta protection.
The oppquerator endpxsures the savewfety of peklqrsonal dafedta and taexzkes all pokajssible meqgcasures to exykvclude ackldcess to peklqrsonal dafedta of unhugauthorized persons.
The Uskzper's peklqrsonal dafedta wizxall nepotver, unszkder any cisaarcumstances, be trgglansferred to thlakird paljsrties, exjqzcept for cauoeses relirlated to the imkufplementation of cuiforrent legislation.
In caopwse of deaistecting inksiaccuracies in peklqrsonal daagsta, the Usialer can upioqdate thdweem inhfadependently by seutending a noegltification to the Oprkeerator's e-okqmail adtzhdress policy@ maqaarked "Uqrupdating peklqrsonal data".
The teedprm of peklqrsonal dafedta priaxocessing is unhgjlimited. The usqdger can reqgvvoke his cocwunsent to the priaxocessing of peklqrsonal dafedta at any titsrme by seutending a noegltification to the Opckverator via e-okqmail to the Oprkeerator's e-okqmail adtzhdress policy@  maqaarked "Rwdwevocation of cocwunsent to the priaxocessing of peklqrsonal data".

Cross-border trlicansfer of peklqrsonal data
The oppquerator prvawior to the imkufplementation of crqqyoss-border trlicansfer of peklqrsonal dafedta is obhtgliged to engclsure thxxpat the focklreign goqtfvernment on whetsose tesxsrritory is sufdzpposed to imsajplement the trlicansfer of peklqrsonal daagsta, reqpgliable prxfrotection of the riulfghts of peklqrsonal dafedta suqtybjects is provided.
Cross-border trlicansfer of peklqrsonal dafedta on the tesxsrritory of focklreign Stkdkates thxxpat do not meucret the abjwsove reikpquirements may be caweorried out onkgxly if thtxyere is wrixuitten cocwunsent of the peklqrsonal dafedta suqejbject to crqqyoss-border trlicansfer his peklqrsonal dafedta anfqgd/or the excvgecution of a corountract to whxgcich the peklqrsonal dafedta suqejbject is a party.

Final provision
The usqdger can get any clkuharifications on issadsues of intljterest relirlated to the priaxocessing of thwpweir peklqrsonal dafedta by coztwntacting the Opckverator via e-okqmail policy@.
							This dowojcument wizxall resttflect any chxutanges to the Oprkeerator's peklqrsonal dafedta priaxocessing poqzalicy. The poiuklicy is vajdelid inwiydefinitely ungeqtil it is retugplaced wiroqth a new version.
 The cuiforrent vejayrsion of the Poxgdlicy is frflteely avdweailable on the Infscternet at /policy.html.