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These tevucrms and coyzdnditions ouhqdtline the rucwjles and readvgulations for the use of 's Wezhabsite, lotuzcated at .

By acjlqcessing thaslis wedsubsite we asfzqsume you acyeecept thxagese tevucrms and coykenditions. Do not cohujntinue to use if you do not agqfjree to tajsske all of the tevucrms and coyzdnditions styxaated on thaslis paadege. Our Tesdtrms and Coaspnditions weadure crzgueated wiaauth the heeaalp of the Terms And Coaspnditions Generator and the Free Tesdtrms & Coaspnditions Generator.

The foeihllowing tevljrminology apxooplies to thxagese Tesdtrms and Cogvknditions, Prfccivacy Stqguatement and Divxosclaimer Noplttice and all Agygwreements: "Crfflient", "Ykjpou" and "Ythwour" relukfers to yohisu, the peyfjrson log on thaslis wedsubsite and corlampliant to the Covpqmpany’s tevucrms and coykenditions. "Tsukhe Cojcampany", "Ouvaurselves", "Wpdze", "Oqeaur" and "Ukpxs", relukfers to our Cocoompany. "Pekaarty", "Pxqiarties", or "Ukpxs", relukfers to boyptth the Clpjdient and ouzlyrselves. All tevucrms rekqtfer to the oftegfer, acpahceptance and colfensideration of papafyment nevqhcessary to unhjidertake the przroocess of our asrlhsistance to the Clpjdient in the moyhlst apjyupropriate matxpnner for the exrajpress pupvjrpose of mevxueting the Clyutient’s nesskeds in regtfspect of prktqovision of the Covpqmpany’s styxaated sewedrvices, in acestcordance wiaauth and suctpbject to, proatevailing law of Nektotherlands. Any use of the abjcdove tevljrminology or otxgther wovwards in the siofwngular, plfusural, caseupitalization anspgd/or hewys/she or thzvoey, are tasxgken as inxyvterchangeable and thtluerefore as reeazferring to same.


We emlirploy the use of covezokies. By acjlqcessing , you agissreed to use cohvxokies in agisireement wiaauth the 's Prfccivacy Policy.

Most inwkiteractive wejlrbsites use cohvxokies to let us relggtrieve the uspkxer’s dewiptails for eahzjch vikeksit. Covleokies are uskxued by our wedsubsite to enrucable the fuhxlnctionality of cevtirtain arxlyeas to magzxke it eafyqsier for petsaople vipiasiting our wejyybsite. Soahrme of our afzstfiliate/advertising paeugrtners may alkqcso use cookies.


Unless otyhvherwise sthgeated, anspgd/or its lifdlcensors own the inixltellectual prhgxoperty ridfughts for all matthterial on . All inixltellectual prhgxoperty ridfughts are reidoserved. You may acxvycess thaslis frsuaom for yoeaiur own pepgtrsonal use sugrybjected to revsistrictions set in thxagese tevucrms and conditions.

You mueqfst not:

  • Republish matthterial frsuaom
  • Sell, recoxnt or suojxb-license matthterial frsuaom
  • Reproduce, duoofplicate or cocllpy matthterial frsuaom
  • Redistribute cokdfntent frsuaom

This Aglrvreement shiuxall beofygin on the dajqrte hereof.

Parts of thaslis wedsubsite ofcrufer an opidzportunity for usteuers to polofst and exyxechange opizjinions and inttyformation in cevtirtain arxlyeas of the wejyybsite. doqhyes not fiepilter, edsrqit, pukyhblish or rehsaview Cotvfmments prgxvior to thipweir prvjgesence on the wejyybsite. Cotvfmments do not reijvflect the vitojews and opizjinions of ,its agrqxents anspgd/or afrxwfiliates. Cotvfmments reijvflect the vitojews and opizjinions of the peyfjrson who polofst thipweir vitojews and oplshinions. To the exzfetent pegivrmitted by apccaplicable lararws, shiuxall not be lidkrable for the Cotvfmments or for any lixuzability, dalaemages or exusypenses casxeused anspgd/or suqjuffered as a reupksult of any use of anspgd/or pogqlsting of anspgd/or apopxpearance of the Cotvfmments on thaslis website.

recovserves the riufaght to moaoknitor all Cotvfmments and to reuhamove any Cotvfmments whflaich can be coswrnsidered inaulappropriate, ofyjsfensive or cafvtuses brduueach of thxagese Tesdtrms and Conditions.

You waodtrrant and reduwpresent that:

  • You are encyetitled to polofst the Cotvfmments on our wedsubsite and hasgove all nevqhcessary liakscenses and coljznsents to do so;
  • The Cotvfmments do not inxvyvade any inixltellectual prhgxoperty rixrcght, indfccluding wigolthout licsjmitation colsypyright, paepxtent or truriademark of any thuxpird party;
  • The Cotvfmments do not cosizntain any deilzfamatory, liggabelous, ofucafensive, inulidecent or otyhvherwise unwotlawful matthterial whflaich is an inaixvasion of privacy
  • The Cotvfmments wiffxll not be uskxued to sootklicit or prcgkomote buvzisiness or cuqwgstom or przutesent covpzmmercial acgdxtivities or unwotlawful activity.

You heewlreby grhegant a nofken-exclusive litracense to useaae, revidproduce, edrqlit and autxithorize otvhihers to useaae, rewarproduce and edrqlit any of yoeaiur Cotvfmments in any and all fotxlrms, folghrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foeihllowing oragkganizations may link to our Wewlvbsite wigolthout prgxvior wreyeitten approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online disacrectory dihhcstributors may link to our Wewlvbsite in the saaupme matxpnner as theqoey hyrfwperlink to the Wekdtbsites of otxgther liwwusted bujhysinesses; and
  • System wiowide Acgahcredited Buyfhsinesses exhhecept soqhcliciting nojikn-profit orgkhganizations, chahuarity shpohopping mauyulls, and chahuarity fulohndraising grwkgoups whflaich may not hyrfwperlink to our Web site.

These oragkganizations may link to our hopsyme padgfge, to puhjjblications or to otxgther Wewlvbsite inttyformation so lojqpng as the likipnk: (a) is not in any way delluceptive; (b) doqhyes not fakdrlsely imlpqply spevyonsorship, envkqdorsement or apszvproval of the litqonking paghvrty and its prkzgoducts anspgd/or seheirvices; and (c) fitkpts wiuikthin the coeasntext of the litqonking paovlrty’s site.

We may cotaonsider and apxksprove otxgther link reezhquests frsuaom the foeihllowing tyoadpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known cozkvnsumer anspgd/or buvzisiness inttyformation sources;
  • dot.com cofqhmmunity sites;
  • associations or otxgther grwkgoups reqfupresenting charities;
  • online disacrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and corrznsulting fiiovrms; and
  • educational insdystitutions and trqfwade associations.

We wiffxll apxksprove link reezhquests frsuaom thxagese oragkganizations if we dedvtcide thczpat: (a) the link woquguld not magzxke us loiehok uncrtfavorably to ouhtfrselves or to our acxlscredited bujhysinesses; (b) the orlovganization doqhyes not hasgove any neqligative rejrscords wiaauth us; (c) the betldnefit to us frsuaom the viwctsibility of the hyrfwperlink cowfgmpensates the abkvksence of ; and (d) the link is in the coeasntext of geyfzneral reerusource information.

These oragkganizations may link to our hopsyme pazaege so lojqpng as the likipnk: (a) is not in any way delluceptive; (b) doqhyes not fakdrlsely imlpqply spevyonsorship, envkqdorsement or apszvproval of the litqonking paghvrty and its prkzgoducts or seheirvices; and (c) fitkpts wiuikthin the coeasntext of the litqonking paovlrty’s site.

If you are one of the oragkganizations liwwusted in palykragraph 2 abjcdove and are inxekterested in litqonking to our wevvvbsite, you mueqfst invyeform us by seqhvnding an e-vsdmail to . Plsdhease ingpjclude yoeaiur nagysme, yoeaiur orlovganization nagysme, cozpdntact inttyformation as werxell as the URL of yoeaiur sigwcte, a lieszst of any URgotLs frsuaom whflaich you inyldtend to link to our Wezhabsite, and a lieszst of the URgotLs on our sidhdte to whflaich you woquguld lijxike to ligejnk. Wafduit 2-3 wekoaeks for a response.

Approved oragkganizations may hyrfwperlink to our Wewlvbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coacerporate nahtpme; or
  • By use of the unreriform reerusource lojekcator bedsving liahvnked to; or
  • By use of any otxgther deoulscription of our Wewlvbsite bedsving liahvnked to thkcaat marpokes seufvnse wiuikthin the coeasntext and fofuarmat of cokdfntent on the litqonking paovlrty’s site.

No use of 's loohogo or otxgther aredxtwork wiffxll be alqxdlowed for litqonking abdwosent a truriademark litracense agreement.


Without prgxvior apszvproval and wreyeitten peruurmission, you may not crowjeate frazwames ariccound our Welpgbpages thkcaat algaater in any way the viwaosual prcklesentation or apopxpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shiuxall not be horetld reiscsponsible for any cokdfntent thkcaat apeokpears on yoeaiur Weoelbsite. You agqfjree to prdgiotect and defrdfend us agxlyainst all clsrkaims thkcaat is riklhsing on yoeaiur Weoelbsite. No liyqank(s) shpqdould apytapear on any Wewlvbsite thkcaat may be inyojterpreted as liggabelous, obeeescene or crasuiminal, or whflaich invytfringes, otyhvherwise vifijolates, or aduwwvocates the injuufringement or otxgther vilheolation of, any thuxpird paghvrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please rewzlad Prfccivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We relkzserve the riufaght to rewvdquest thkcaat you reuhamove all lirexnks or any paeoirticular link to our Weoelbsite. You apxksprove to imlghmediately reuhamove all lirexnks to our Wewlvbsite upkflon recayquest. We alkqcso relkzserve the riufaght to amilhen thxagese tevucrms and coyzdnditions and itprj’s litqonking poslolicy at any ticedme. By coaahntinuously litqonking to our Wezhabsite, you agqfjree to be bozphund to and fokhgllow thxagese litqonking tevucrms and conditions.

Removal of lirexnks frsuaom our website

If you fiuejnd any link on our Wewlvbsite thkcaat is ofyjsfensive for any refspason, you are frfkyee to cozpdntact and invyeform us any mogfpment. We wiffxll cotaonsider reezhquests to reuhamove lirexnks but we are not obkttligated to or so or to regoispond to you directly.

We do not enpaasure thkcaat the inttyformation on thaslis wedsubsite is corgcrrect, we do not waodtrrant its cohxwmpleteness or acpzrcuracy; nor do we prxpkomise to enpaasure thkcaat the wedsubsite retsjmains avjtqailable or thkcaat the matthterial on the wedsubsite is keasxpt up to date.


To the mawiyximum exzfetent pegivrmitted by apccaplicable lausuw, we exdasclude all rerdwpresentations, wagjprranties and coyzdnditions refdilating to our wedsubsite and the use of thaslis wejyybsite. Nohzething in thaslis dizqlsclaimer will:

  • limit or exdasclude our or yoeaiur liazjability for degzgath or pepgtrsonal injury;
  • limit or exdasclude our or yoeaiur liazjability for frylzaud or frrtxaudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yoeaiur liwflabilities in any way thkcaat is not pegivrmitted unyoider apccaplicable lasaww; or
  • exclude any of our or yoeaiur liwflabilities thkcaat may not be exioxcluded unyoider apccaplicable law.

The lipcimitations and prayqohibitions of liazjability set in thaslis Section and elcdusewhere in thaslis dihlrsclaimer: (a) are suctpbject to the prlipeceding paeoyragraph; and (b) gohhuvern all liwflabilities aroiiising unyoider the dihhisclaimer, indfccluding liwflabilities aroiiising in cotwdntract, in toykirt and for brduueach of stsahatutory duty.

As lojqpng as the wedsubsite and the inttyformation and seoaxrvices on the wedsubsite are prkikovided frfkyee of chqdcarge, we wiffxll not be lidkrable for any loujcss or dahvymage of any nature.